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Instagram is brimming with sickly sweet outpourings of love, bouquets of roses and photographed proposals.

But standing out from these saccharine snaps are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - and they are still not done teasing each other on social media.

The couple are consistently ruthless, but Reynolds may have outdone himself this time.

Blake was photographed on the streets of Dublin in character for her new project.

Predictably, everyone lost their minds at her looking anything other than perfectly presented.

Reynolds did not jump to her defence. Instead, he saw a golden opportunity.

Don't miss that brutal caption:


We laugh now, but Lively is bound to respond just as savagely.

After all, she did not let Reynolds get away with this cheeky birthday wish.

She had the perfect retort.

There is a rich history of mutual teasing.

Remember when Lively revealed her true inspiration?

And when Reynolds blamed a bunch of inappropriate messages on his wife?

We can't wait to see Lively get her revenge.

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