You would think by now that people would have learned to act respectfully around service dogs and their handlers, but sadly this doesn’t always seem to be the case.

While it is tempting to want to go up and pet them, it is important that service dogs are not distracted while working and can maintain focus on their handler.

But one woman became enraged after being told her daughter couldn’t pat a group of service dogs in a mall in Pittsburgh.

The mum was dubbed "Service Dog Sally” after a video of the incident went viral, with over eight million views.

Megan Stoff, the handler who posted the clip to Facebook, said that the woman had originally walked away after being told she couldn’t touch the dogs, but came back moments later to criticise the way the situation was handled.

She wrote:

This lady went out of her way to come back with her child and yell at us for saying ‘no’ and for not saying, ‘no I’m sorry they’re training'... Entitlement these days is real. They even got mall security because we said they couldn’t pet the working dog.

While at least one of the dogs in the video is seen to be clearly labelled as a service animal, the woman can be heard arguing that the handlers should have signage warning people not to touch them.

Stoff then tells the woman:

It literally says ‘do not pet’ on every single dog . There's like four signs.

The woman finally ends her rant by insisting it is “illegal” to film her and that she will call her lawyer.



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