This man reversed gender roles throughout history to prove how sexism works and people are shocked

Novellist AR Moxon – known to his 100,000 Twitter followers as @JuliusGoat – has posted a Twitter thread explaining exactly what would happen if gender roles were reversed.

Moxon was pointing out some of the many ways in which women have been oppressed by a patriarchal society for hundreds of years, but doing so by imagining what would happen if men were subjected to the same treatment.

He began by talking about the fact that there has never been a female president of the US, went on to address the gender disparities in supreme court nominees, and touched on the historic ban on women from voting, accessing universities and owning property.

He also added a tweet pointing out that the same point can be made for people of colour, LGBT+ people, disabled people and other minorities.

In total, his thread has been retweeted more than 2,000 times. Amid the praise, some women made the point that it's not really about "patience" at all.

While others pointed out that he'd forgotten to include any stats on gender-specific violence and sexual assault.

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