<p>Teacher Tom Trower sparked a lively discussion on the best school tunes</p>

Teacher Tom Trower sparked a lively discussion on the best school tunes


There is something very special about school assemblies in the UK.

The awkward walking in with your form group (trying not to trip), the long announcements, the readings and, of course, the music.

Although every school is different, and has its own systems and traditions, the choice of hymns seems largely uniform.

So when one Twitter user – who is also an assistant head teacher in Leeds – compiled a list of his “top 10 Primary School Assembly Bangers”, people listened carefully.

And they agreed, there is one song which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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That song is Shine Jesus Shine.

Of course, as with all social media discussions, some people fiercely contested the choice.

While others, who didn’t attend Church of England (C of E) schools were unfamiliar with the hit:

Elsewhere, users from abroad were confused that Brits sing “church songs” in school.

For anyone whose memory needs refreshing, or who doesn’t know the hymn, here are the lyrics to the chorus:

“Shine, Jesus, shine

Fill this land with the Father’s glory

Blaze, Spirit, blaze

Set our hearts on fire

Flow, river, flow

Flood the nations with grace and mercy

Send forth your word

Lord, and let there be light.”

Yes. We’ll have it in our head for the rest of the day, too.

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