David Simon trolls Piers Morgan with TikTok video telling him to go to therapy

<p>Piers Morgan has a long-running feud with David Simon</p>

Piers Morgan has a long-running feud with David Simon


Wire creator David Simon has continued to taunt Piers Morgan - this time with a TikTok video that encouraged him to seek therapy.

The clip, created by Alexandra Kopko , who goes by @alexandrawideeyes on TikTok, is a genius infomercial and workout video combo that pokes fun at Morgan’s behavior.

“Are you a Piers Morgan? Did you just lose your job and now need something to do with your time?” she said.

Are you a Piers Morgan

She then pointed out Morgan has seemingly been unable to let go of the fact that he once crossed paths with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle years ago.

“Did you have one drink with one lady several years ago and can’t let go of it?” said Kopko.

“Did you have one drink with one lady several years ago and can’t let go of it?

“Are we going to constantly harangue her? No!”We’re going to move on with our life, “ she continued.

”We’re going to move on with our life.”

And then the moment of truth happened when she mentioned marrying a prince.

“Still bitter that she married a prince instead of you? Let’s go to therapy.”

“Let’s go to therapy.”

Simon shared the video while saying this: “From me @piersmorgan, it was just an offhand comment about you and Tucker Carlson getting together to pimp your white, entitled fury. I just typed as a couple of sentences and let fly. But this woman has committed to the bit, and I, for one, am in awe. This is first rate.”

Morgan caught wind of the situation, making a rebuttal by hurling insults about age and the amount of hair Simon has on his head compared to him.

“Dave, you’re also white, and entitled, and perpetually furious. We could be twins.. except you’re a lot older, have a lot less hair, and you don’t have a book that’s currently a runaway No1 best-seller, said Morgan. “But at least we agree on one thing - that video’s funny.”

Naturally, some people thought that Simon was being hypocritical for poking fun at Morgan’s antics, saying things such as “ the pot calling the kettle black” and “licking the boots of a multimillionaire, Hollywood actress.” Still, Simon wasn’t here for any of that.

“ No f***s to give about any of the people you need to be your hereditary betters on any side of this Palace catfight … My contempt for Morgan and is performative rage at any woman who won’t return his phone calls is independent of my indifference to royalty,” he responded to a Twitter user.

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But if you’re curious to know when this supposed back and forth between Simon and Morgan came from, here’s a brief synopsis.

A couple of days ago, Morgan and Simon had exchanges on Twitter about who’s more popular, Simon appealing to the liberal left, and who’s a better person.

Check out some of those tweets below:

As the plot continues to thicken, we’ll just sit here and eat our popcorn.

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