<p>Twitter user Ash was forced to prove the hilarious note was real</p>

Twitter user Ash was forced to prove the hilarious note was real


School yearbooks are supposed to be a catalogue of farewells and fond memories, not fierce put-downs.

But try telling that to one teacher who wrote a message to his student comparing her “annoying voice” to the “worst torture known to man”.

A Twitter user called Ash shared a photo of the note on Wednesday, writing: “Still can’t believe this is what my English teacher wrote in my book when I left school.”

His full, hand-written message read: "Sometimes I go home and can’t sleep because your annoying voice that just doesn’t stop keeps ringing in my ears, like the worst torture known to man.

“That is all. Good luck."

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Ash’s post clearly struck a chord with fellow users of the platform, garnering more than 56,000 likes and 2,600 retweets in less than two days.

One wrote: “Absolutely guarantee several of my high school teachers would have written this about me.”

While another commented: “I can think of a couple of people I would write this to.”

Others shared their own memories of harsh treatment by teachers:

In a follow-up tweet, Ash pointed out the irony of the comment because she “barely even spoke in that class.”

However, she was also forced to defend her tweet after sceptics accused her of making it all up.

“Why would I lie about this happening?” she asked. “I will find Mr seedat and get him to prove it if that’s what you need.”

She later shared a screen grab showing that she had found the now notorious teacher on social media.

She then showed an exchange between the two of them in which she sent him a picture of the year book alongside the plea: “MR SEEDAT, PLEASE PROVE YOU WROTE THIS TO ME.”

He responded: “Oh my god. It was indeed!”

Ash then replied: “People are saying I made it up. Your words have gone viral Mr Seedat.”

However, people still weren’t convinced.

“CAN’T BELIEVE people are still saying ‘it didn’t happen’,” she wrote. “I have LITERALLY proven it!! What else do you want me to do? Go back in time and film him writing it down???”

As a footnote, she added: “Mr Seedat was a funny as f*** sarcastic teacher, I’m almost certain he wrote something just as funny in everyone else’s books.”

One delighted woman commented: “Omggg as if!! He was my English teacher at Hamilton for a year!!

“Now I’m wondering what he wrote in my book as he was always taking the piss out of me!”

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