Picture:  LISE ASERUD/AFP/Getty Images
Picture: LISE ASERUD/AFP/Getty Images

Anders Behring Breivik made a Nazi salute as his lawsuit against Norway opened on Tuesday, showing that he would not be taming his extremist views for the courtroom.

He is suing the state for breaching two clauses of the European convention on human rights, over the right prohibiting "inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" and the right to “private and family life” and “correspondence".

Breivik's lawyer cited frequent use of handcuffs and hundreds of strip-searches in his case, which likens prison conditions to torture.

In prison, Breivik has access to three cells, a living one, a studying one and a third for physical exercise. He has a television, a computer without internet access and a games console, with facilities for preparing food and washing clothes.

He is serving a maximum 21-year sentence for the murder of 77 people, eight in a bomb attack in Oslo in July 2011, and then a further 69 people in a rampage at a Labour Youth camp on the island of Utøya.

His prison sentence may be extended if he is still considered a danger to society.

He is still referred to as a "right-wing extremist" in many media outlets, despite the fact he has been convicted of terrorism and his acts were politically motivated by opposition to Islam, multiculturalism and immigration.

He is living, breathing evidence that terrorism is not limited to one religion, race or motivation, as encapsulated by a tweeted image by J. Ali (@Junayed_).

In response to a woman who wrote "All terrorists are muslims !!!!!!", Tim Goodwin replied with this:

Greetings Barbara!

You are absolutely right! All terrorists are Muslims. Apart from the radical Christians, white supremacists and far-right militia groups which account for the overwhelming majority of terrorist crimes carried out in the USA.

Oh, and there was Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people and injured 319, mostly children. A Christian, but you'd be forgiven for missing that as his religion did not figure much in the media coverage.

Assorted Irish Catholic terror groups still over in the Emerald islae, the KKK still active in the States. In fact, there are many Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Sikh terrorist groups. But as you say, all terrorists are Muslims. I know this for a fact because you've put lots of exclamation marks after the word 'muslims' which is missing a capital letter. The only other explanation could be that you are a bigoted twat with no empathy for other cultures or understanding of the meaning of the word 'terrorism'. But that's hardly likely.

Regards, Tim

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