Sorry, East London, we've got some bad news: men with beards are more likely to fight, cheat, steal, and the majority of women don't think they're sexy any more.

In a sign that we may have finally reached peak beard, a recent survey of 2,000 people carried out by eva, the video social network, found that men with longer facial hair are more likely to have engaged in antisocial behaviour.

In their professional lives, 43 per cent of men with beards said they'd been fired at one point or another.

And it's bad news romantically too. More heterosexual women preferred a clean shaven guy than those who liked a bristly bad boy.

Nearly half the female respondents (44 per cent) said they thought big beards are unhygienic.

Some 65 per cent said they didn't think beards are a good look, and half said they’d never even consider getting romantically involved with a beard-wearer.

And maybe they have a point - 47 per cent of bearded men admitted to cheating on their partners, compared to just 20 per cent of clean-shaven men.

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