The models abused for their body shapes just did a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot

Any Body/Instragram

Best friends and models Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley made headlines after they received abuse online for their body shapes. Now they're in the press again, but on their own terms, after completing a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,

After the torrent of online abuse Gibbs and Wasley set up 'Any Body,' a campaign that hopes to encourage people to 'stop comparing' different female body types.

Some users even accused Gibbs of photoshopping Wasley to make her appear to be a bigger size than she is in reality.

Speaking to UniLlad in August about the initial reaction, they said:

People will always make assumptions and jump to conclusions! I was more concerned that rather than seeing a friendship people just saw two women and two different bodies.

My initial reaction was shock because I didn't expect people to be so negative about two women they didn't know...

Any BODY was created because we were concerned at the way society and women looked at themselves, not to mention the endless comparisons women make to other women on social media.

So, Any BODY was born really to bring back a little real into our social media world.

Needless to say, the women have come out on top, securing further modelling contracts, and a shoot with lucrative Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

On Thursday, the Instagram account for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shared images from a shoot in Aruba with Georgia and Katie.

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