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Georgia Gibbs uploaded a photo featuring both her and her friend Kate Wasley standing on Sydney pier.

The caption read:

Love you unconditionally.

Gibbs, who is also a size six model, was shocked by the level of hatred her post received, and people accused her of either photoshopping herself thinner or her friend, a size 16 model, bigger.

She told Daily Mail Australia:

The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me.

People aren't used to seeing girls of different sizes photographed together and being okay with it. 

The negative comments about the photo only served to encourage them in creating a body positive Instagram page called any.body in order to highlight the idea that “there’s no size standard for the modern woman”.

Wasley said:

Personally I think because our bodies are our work it's hard to fight the pressures of being a certain size.

But we have both embraced what we have.

HT Daily Mail Australia

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