Stephen King calls out Elon Musk’s ‘bull****’ comments about 'woke civilisation'

Stephen King calls out Elon Musk’s ‘bull****’ comments about 'woke civilisation'
It’s official! Marvel superstars plus Stephen King equals the blockbuster we didn't …
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American author Stephen King has called out billionaire Elon Musk over his “bulls***” comments about “woke” civilisation.

King and Musk previously clashed in April, after the X/Twitter CEO removed the famous blue checkmarks for all verified people (except those who paid for a Twitter Blue subscription), but decided that he would pay for a handful of select celebrities to keep theirs.

King was one of the high-profile accounts Musk decided should keep the blue tick, prompting the author to clarify to followers that he did not pay for his blue checkmark.

Now, the It author has clashed with Musk once again, after Musk made the confusing claim that people are waking up from being “woke”.

Writing on X/Twitter, the CEO wrote: “The great wakening from woke has happened. This is good for civilization.”

But, King simply replied to the billionaire’s claim, writing that his statement was “bulls**t”.

Others were similarly perplexed by Musk’s statement.

One person asked: “I'm confused. If you've wakened from woke are you like, super woke? Woke squared? Woke to the power of woke? Or have you gone back to sleep?”

Another joked: “Folks, the man is post-woke, also known as fully unconscious.”

Some took the opportunity to praise King for calling out Musk’s strange comment.

“As time goes on, I love Stephen King more and more,” someone wrote.

Someone else said: “Love Mr. King.”

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