Taylor Swift bluntly called out Damon Albarn on Twitter and Swifties are here for it

Taylor Swift bluntly called out Damon Albarn on Twitter and Swifties are here for it

Taylor Swift bluntly called out Damon Albarn on Twitter and Swifties are here for it


Taylor Swift has made a reputation for herself for her incredible songwriting skills and her ability to tell stories through her lyrics.

So when her credibility in doing so was threatened online, Swift made it a point to stand up for herself and her artistry.

Long time Swifties know that the "Cruel Summer" singer isn't one to engage in drama directly unless her name is being called into question. In fact, it could be said that Swift's career growing up in fame was solidified by her largely staying out of politics and drama altogether—which is what makes her recent tweet all the more thrilling.

And while Swift, herself, doesn't make it a habit to make public statements very often, her fans will always come down swinging.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Blur frontman Damon Albarn claimed that Swift doesn't write all of her own songs.

"She doesn't write her own songs," he said and mentioned that there's a difference between co-writing and writing, which Swift does both. Although he goes on to note that he's not "hating on anybody," to discredit a part of someone's artistry and talent they're proud of is not only hurtful but simply untrue.

Swift has written all of her songs in the span of her lengthy career—a fact that remains unchanged whether or not she writes it solo or alongside co-writers.

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Luckily, Swift decided to defend herself in an uncharacteristic tweet that has her fans applauding her on social media.

"@DamonAlbarn I was such a big fan of yours until I saw this. I write ALL of my own songs," her tweet began.

She continued, "Your hot take is completely false and SO damaging. You don’t have to like my songs but it’s really fucked up to try and discredit my writing. WOW."

In a follow-up tweet, Swift issued the final nail in the coffin, writing: "PS I wrote this tweet all by myself in case you were wondering."

Albarn has since noticed Swift's tweet and wrote her back: "I totally agree with you. i had a conversation about songwriting and sadly it was reduced to clickbait. I apologise unreservedly and unconditionally. The last thing I would want to do is discredit your songwriting. I hope you understand. - Damon."

Of course, not before Swifties all over the world gathered to praise Swift and call out the patriarchal nature that lies in the music industry. (Even a tweet from the Empire State Building's official Twitter page rolled in support).

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