Taylor Swift fans called 'disgusting' for swarming her at a restaurant

Taylor Swift fans called 'disgusting' for swarming her at a restaurant
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Hundreds of Taylor Swift fans congregated outside a New Jersey restaurant on Friday (18 August) in hopes of catching a glimpse of their idol.

The 'Bad Blood' singer was attending Jack Antonoff’s rehearsal dinner ahead of his wedding on Saturday to Margaret Qualley. As soon as the news hit the area, fans took no time in heading over to wait outside.

Footage has since gone viral across social media, with many people calling the behaviour "weird" and likening fans to "stalkers".

In one clip, TikTok user Tori (@toris.intel) shared paparazzi footage of the star leaving the Long Beach restaurant.

"This is not the look of a woman who is happy to see y’all," she told viewers. "The audacity metre is beyond."

Tori went on to say Swift looked "scared" and called the scenes disrespectful to the singer, Antonoff and "everybody at that event."

"To put her and him [Antonoff] and their friendship in this situation is really wild to me," she said.

"I speak about celebrities and pop culture every day on this account, but this is just – I can't even wrap my head around the fact of 'I'm going to go and sit outside of the venue of a private event for hours waiting for Taylor Swift," Tori continued.


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Fellow TikTokers turned to the comments to share their takes, with one calling it "so wildly creepy and psychotic".

Another said, "This is gross. They're going to make her go away."

Meanwhile a third Swiftie wrote: "This is barbaric behavior. I’ve been a Taylor fan for almost 14 years now and we have ALWAYS given Taylor her privacy and space."

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