When will Taylor Swift release her next album?
When will Taylor Swift release her next album?
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Any true Taylor Swift fan is already longing for her next re-recorded album, which will be the follow up to Fearless.

While the singer hasn’t provided fans with any new information on when that will be, Swifties seem to believe (or hope) it will be soon, and are on the constant lookout for clues.

We’ve rounded up everything we know so far, and will keep updating it over time as new tips emerge...

Which one’s next if she releases chronologically?

If she plans on re-recording her albums in chronological order like she mentioned, technicallySpeak Now (Taylor’s Version) would be next seeing as it the next album after Fearless.

If Swift were to record her albums in chronological order, Speak Now would be next, followed by Red, followed by 1989, and concluding with Reputation.

But fans speculate that while Swift might be re-recording her albums in chronological order, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll release them in the same order.

Have we had any other clues?

Thanks to her recent appearance onThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this month, some fans thought Swift was subtly dropping hints at something big coming soon.

The overall consensus, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is imminent.

In the past, Taylor has mentioned she has an affinity for numbers, and often revolves her clues around them. When Taylor randomly mentioned Stephen’s age during the segment, saying he must have been “about 44 years, 179 days old, give or take” fans immediately spotted a clue.

Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964. Many fans are speculating that May 13, plays an important role. Why would Taylor even bother mentioning it?

In addition, Taylor also mentioned Colbert’s height, which is 5’11. along with the first digits of his social security number: 33035

When you combine the numbers of Colbert’s height (5 + 11) and the fake first digits of his social (3+3+0+3+5) you get the number 30. Here’s the kicker, thirty days from when the interview was recorded is May 13.

While nothing has been confirmed by Swift or her management team, many fans are certain Swift’s fifth album will be re-released next.

So why do some people on Twitter believe ‘Red’ is next?

While many fans are convinced Swift will release 1989 next, some believe Red could also be a possible contender. Over the weekend, Swift uploaded a story to Instagram regarding girl in red’s new album, “if I could make it go quiet,” many speculated it was a nod to her fourth studio album “Red.”

While that’s a bit of a stretch, many fans on Twitter were convinced it was an Easter egg.

Her Reddit stans seem pretty confident in the ‘1989’ theory....

To further the belief1989 (Taylor’s Version) is next in line, fans are excited because a new version of “Wildest Dreams” was previewed in the trailer for Spirit Untamed. For those who don’t follow Swift’s music,“Wildest Dreams” was one of the more popular tracks on 1989.

Swift also shared the Sprit Untamed trailer on her Instagram story. Before the release of Fearless, she previewed her updated version of “Love Story” in Ryan Reynold’s Match commercial.

In addition, an instrumental version of “Wildest Dreams” was also featured in the widely popular Netflix series, Bridgerton.

How was 1989 received when it was first released?

If Swift were to release albums based off their popularity, 1989 would definitely be a safe bet. Not only did Swift‘s fifth studio album transition her into pop powerhouse, it earned her a total of ten Grammy nominations, with her taking home three Grammy awards in 2016, including Album Of The Year.

It also went on to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200, spending its entire first year in the Top 10. Out of all of Swift’s albums, 1989 was the only album to achieve that success.

Where will I find out the news first?

If Swift hasn’t provided Easter eggs already, fans can be certain she will unveil the news via social media - like she’s done in the past. There will likely be a photo of her, presumably the album cover, along with a lengthy caption explaining the album process and which songs will be featured. She’ll thank her fans for supporting her throughout the process, followed by an additional post revealing which single will be released first.

Fans can also expect a potential Good Morning America announcement. True fans know whenever Swift appears on GMA, it’s usually to announce something major - like a new album release.

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