Four ‘clues’ that Taylor Swift fans think point to new version of ‘1989’

Taylor Swift fans are convinced 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is next
Taylor Swift fans are convinced 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is next

During her appearance onThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, some fans think Taylor Swift was subtly dropping hints at something big coming soon.

The overall consensus: 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is imminent.

This form of announcement isn’t new for Swift. She’s notorious for leaving Easter eggs throughout her music videos, performances, and interviews.

But are fans really stretching with the ‘clues’ on this one? Let’s unpack it by outlining the four things that fans are convinced point to new music dropping soon.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers

In the past, Taylor has mentioned she has an affinity for numbers, and often revolves her clues around them. When Taylor mentioned Stephen’s age, saying he must have been “about 44 years, 179 days old, give or take” when she first recorded “Hey Stephen,” fans immediately spotted a clue.

Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964. Many fans are speculating that May 13, plays an important role. Why would Taylor even bother mentioning it?

To further solidify the theory surrounding a May 13 release, Taylor randomly mentioned the specific address of the Colbert Report offices, which were located at 513 West 54th Street in New York. The 513 in the address, coupled with Stephen’s birthday on 5/13, can only mean something is coming May 13.

In addition, Taylor also mentioned Colbert’s height, which is 5’11. along with the first digits of his social security number: 33035

When you combine the numbers of Colbert’s height (5 + 11) and the fake first digits of his social (3+3+0+3+5) you get the number 30. Here’s the kicker, thirty days from when the interview was recorded is May 13.

Need I say more?

Subliminal tweet from her marketing/management/fan team

In a recent Taylor Nation tweet, Taylor’s team may have hinted towards something coming in May. View the tweet below if you don’t believe us. At this point, we’re already convinced.

Stephen King reference

When Swift randomly joked about Stephen King within the interview, fans immediately picked up on it. During the segment, Taylor mentioned the 1989 film ‘Dark Tower,’ which was adapted from a series of short stories written by King from 1970-2012.

While this one is a bit of a stretch, Swifties are convinced it’s a clue linking back to Swift’s fifth album.

Photo of Stephen Colbert from 1989

When Swift held up her mood board, fans immediately spotted a vintage photo of Colbert from 1989. Why else would she include it if she wasn’t alluding to something?

Make your own mind up

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