Taylor Swift 'The Eras Tour': How to get the best out of your Wi-Fi to secure tickets

Taylor Swift 'The Eras Tour': How to get the best out of your Wi-Fi to secure tickets
Stadium is shaking as a result of Taylor Swift fans dancing at …

Taylor Swift’s 'The Eras Tour' is set to be the highest-grossing concert in history, so it's no surprise that there is an unprecedented ticket demand for the international tour dates she recently announced.

Google searches for tickets soared to a mind-boggling 3233 per cent just hours after UK dates were confirmed.

Pre-sale starts 10July so it’s worth making sure your Wi-Fi is working as you wouldn't want it to prevent you from securing tickets which will be selling like hot cakes.

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Missing out because of your internet connection would really make it a Cruel Summer.

To prevent this from happening, Martin Wren-Hilton, Tech Guru and router expert at TalkTalk, shares his top tips for maximising your Wi-Fi connection to give yourself the best opportunity of securing tickets:

Location, location, location

Wherever you’re hoping to see Taylor, the most important location to remember when securing tickets is where your Wi-Fi router is in the home.

Placing your router correctly can make your Wi-Fi connection more reliable and stable.

Make sure it’s positioned in the centre of the home on a flat, open surface and off the floor for a guaranteed Love Story.

Disconnect devices you’re not using

Having lots of tablets, laptops and phones connected to the Wi-Fi at once uses more of your bandwidth.

Want to be The Lucky One? disconnect devices not being used from the Wi-Fi to free up your connection.

Bring your (Wi-Fi) backup

We know the pain All Too Well how painful it iswhen your internet cuts out, so it’s worth making sure you have a contingency plan in place on the off chance you have an outage.

TalkTalk is one of the only providers to offer a FREE internet backup feature thanks to the Amazon eero router which comes with full fibre packages, enabling customers to set up an automatic hotspot through their mobile phone to keep the whole home connected.

Don’t let ticket scammers pull a ‘Swift’ one

Don’t be tempted to buy tickets from untrustworthy sites – no matter how desperate you are to Shake it Off at the Eras tour.

Keep your network protected with adequate security software that automatically blocks potentially risky third-party ticket sites from appearing. TalkTalk’s full fibre customers benefit from Amazon eero’s security system ‘eeroSecure’ for free (RRP £99 a year).

Martin Wren Hilton, Tech Guru at TalkTalk, said: "Our range of great value Full Fibre and Amazon eero packages use the latest technology to deliver superior speeds and reliability – giving you the best chance at bagging those tickets!

TalkTalk’s Full Fibre and Amazon eero packages offer top average download speeds of 944Mb/s.

Combining the benefits of a 100 per cent full fibre connection and Wi-Fi 6 technology, the packages support superior speeds, boost efficiency, and tackle Wi-Fi blank spots – with enough bandwidth to easily handle up to 75 devices connected to the eero network.

For more information visithttps://new.talktalk.co.uk/broadband/fttp

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