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A hairdresser in Iowa, USA has won universal praise for helping a girl who was suffering with depression.

The 16-year-old girl visited the salon where Kayley Olsson worked with a head of severely matted hair.

The teenager asked Olsson to cut all the hair off as she felt she felt 'worthless' and had stopped combing and taking care of it.

Rather than grant the girl her wish, Olsson and her colleagues decided to do something even better.

Over the next two days, they spent 13 hours fixing the girls hair and making it look beautiful again for her school pictures.

Olsson shared the heartwarming story online and it subsequently went viral, receiving over 68,000 shares at the time of writing.

Although Olsson admitted that the experience was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do, she felt compelled to her the girl and even offered some sage advice about mental health issues.

At the end of the day I want this to be a lesson to people.

MENTAL HEALTH is a thing, it effects people all around the world and of all ages!

PARENTS take it serious don't just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can't.

A CHILD should NEVER feel so worthless to not even want to brush their hair.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the experience for Olsson were the final words that the girl, who has not been named, said to her after the haircut was complete.

I will actually smile for my schools pictures today, you made me feel like me again.

Olsson's post has been flooded with positive comments thanking her for sharing the photos and helping the teenager.

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