Screenshot/ Instagram/ TerryCrews

Terry Crews, actor and former american football player, posted a picture on Instagram that showed a portrait of himself in his wallet.

The caption read: "I keep this pic of myself in my wallet so I can see it when I’m about to waste money on things I don’t need lol.”

While this might seem odd to those who don't know who Crews is, fans of the television show Everybody Hate Chris will know that his character, Julius, was renowned for saving money and being incredibly stingy.

However, Crews is not the first person to be inspired to save money by umm... himself.

A 19-year-old called Daniel went viral after he tweeted that he had a picture of Crews in his wallet so he could "see it when I'm about to waste money on things I don't need."

He toldBuzzFeed that he wanted to start saving money since he didn't have a job, and "who’s a better financial advisor than Terry Crews?”.

It is believed Crews was inspired when he saw Daniel's post, which has been retweeted 220,000 times.

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