Thai man bitten on penis by 9ft python while sitting on the toilet describes his escape

This story can be summarised fairly succinctly as 🚽 -> 🍆 -> 🐍 -> 😱.

In a news story straight out of a nightmare, this week a man in Thailand was bitten on the penis by a 3.3m python hiding in the plumbing system.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay screamed for his wife while he tried to free himself from the snake's jaws. He had to tie a rope around the snake's head and attach one end to the door handle to eventually prise it off, he later told reporters.

I fought it. I called my wife and she went to get the neighbour, the neighbour took a minute to arrive…

All of a sudden, it began to lose some strength so I used my hand to prise its mouth op n and the snake released its grip by itself.

Boonmakchuay was rushed to the local hospital in Chachoengsao to be treated for blood loss but is making a full recovery.

A rescue crew smashed up the Boonmakchuays' toilet to pull the snake out.

It was unharmed and released back into the wild...

...Which means it could strike again. 👀

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