Picture:  Jemal Countess/Getty
Picture: Jemal Countess/Getty

Orlando Bloom was photographed nude and so the internet has convened a grand special tribunal to assess the images.

The actor was long-lensed by paparazzi while on an Italian beach with Katy Perry. Although the image was censored with a black box, a suspiciously long shadow on his thigh has set things in motion.

Some would say these images have confirmed for many critics their complaint that Orlando Bloom's acting style is 'wooden'. Pun intended.

The internet has promptly reacted by objectifying the 39-year-old actor and using the aubergine emoji. A lot.


Also, some felt credit was due elsewhere.

It's OK. It's OK. Sorry. Here is the picture we're talking about.

That should be your fix for the day. If not, go to incognito and immerse yourself in Twitter depravity. Quick! Before your line manager gets back.

indy100 has contacted a representative of Orlando Bloom for comment.

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