There's a man at the Olympics who looks exactly like Kim Jong-un

You know something is up when you see North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un with a smile on his face - never mind sat in the stands cheering on his country.

So when the dictator was "spotted" at the Rio Olympics, grinning, waving a flag and flicking the bird, we knew something was up.

Impersonator and look-a-like, known as Howard, donned Kim's slick-backed hairstyle and army suit outfit and took to the stands during Thursday night's track and field events.

Howard, who wishes to keep his surname private but goes by the stage name "Kim Jong-um", has been professionally impersonating Kim since April 2013. He told indy100 that "last night was pretty good" and he was planning to go and watch Usain Bolt in the 200m final anyway, but thought "hey I'll go in character."

I guess it caught the attention of the press.

Howard isn't one to shy away from media attention - he has been pictured in hundreds of publications over the years. He told indy100 that he will be "in character" at the US men's basketball match on Friday, "if you are going to have people there."

"Kim Jong-un is known to love basketball," he said.

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