This dad got a tattoo on the side of his head for the best reason

This dad got a tattoo on the side of his head for the best reason

You always hear stories about doting parents who would do anything for their children. But this one might just top them all.

Get a box of tissues ready.

Josh "J-Mash" Marshall, from Kansas, US, had his son’s c-shaped surgery scar tattooed onto his head.

In March last year, Marshall’s son, Gabriel, 8, was diagnosed with brain cancer and had surgery to remove the tumour which left him insecure due to the scar he was left with.

“My son was very self-conscious after he got his surgery. He felt like a monster,”, Marshall told ABC News.

To support his son and help him with his insecurity, Marshall went and had a tattoo on his head to match Gabriel’s scar.

He told his son:

You know what, I’ll get your scar tattooed…That way, if people want to stare at you, then they can stare at both of us.

He says this boosted Gabriel’s confidence making him tell others that he and his father are like twins.

Marshall didn't stop there. He also entered the St Baldrick Foundation’s #BestBaldDad competition, for fathers shaving their heads in solidarity with their children who have cancer.

He submitted a picture of himself and his son with matching scars and captioned it:

Me and my son at this year’s St Baldrick’s event in Wichita, Kansas. Got my son’s scar tattooed to help his self-confidence.

His photo received over 5,000 votes making him the winner of the competition.

Marshall added:

I’m glad that I can kind of spread awareness for the childhood cancer community.

He told ABC News that his son is well. Although the tumour is still there, it has not grown.

Gabriel receives a scan every three months and his next MRI is due next week.

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