A picture of William and Kate waiting at a train station in the dark is very relatable to a lot of people
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As Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on a 1,250 mile tour to meet the nation’s front line workers, many couldn’t help but find some humour in a photo taken of one of the Royal Train Tour’s quieter moments yesterday.

The couple have been keeping people in the loop with numerous pictures posted to social media as they journey across the UK over the course of three days on the Royal Train.

Throughout the course of the trip they will meet some of the people that have had a hand in making the pandemic manageable for us all.

One picture in particular, of the couple at a train station in Batley, West Yorkshire has hit over half a million likes on Instagram since it was posted yesterday. 

But oveer on Twitter, users who may not be familiar with the service provided by the Royal Train but very well acquainted with Network Rail’s chronic tendencies for lateness had a lot to say about the highly relatable image.

Many used the picture as a hilarious chance to vent:

Across the country people went on to project some very specific situations the image evoked for them:

A lot of people seem to have found it cathartic.

Network Rail Chairman, Sir Peter Hendy CBE, had a sunnier outlook on the post.

He shared it and commended the service and those that have been running it.

There’s definitely a ‘battery dead, very hungry, when is the railway replacement due?’ energy to the scene.

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