This woman decided to leak her own nudes so no one can have 'some kind of power' over her

Molly Soda, an artist and popular Tumblr user, has decided to publish her own naked pictures, sexts and poems online.

In a project titled "Should I Send This?", Soda has compiled a series of images from her phone and other thoughts that pop into her head as both an online zine and a book.

I don’t send nude photographs to anyone because I’m afraid they will get leaked or that someone will have some kind of power over me. I’d never want to feel that way.

Soda, who, as Jezebel points out, has previously gained coverage for taking on selfie culture and "natural make-up", explained to Refinery29 that she decided to take control over their publication rather than allowing someone else to "leak" them.

I believe if you’re embarrassed about something or you feel a little bit shy or weird about something, the best way to deal with it... is to put it out there and let it exist...I wanted to use things that I was even a little bit apprehensive or shy about...

I felt like I had a lot of text or poems on my phone, and I was like, 'Oh, I don’t really want to post these anywhere. It’s a little too emo. It doesn’t really feel right.' So I decided to make the zine in order to deal with those feelings.

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