The woman whose response to a fat-shaming date went viral has taken on a bigger adversary

Michelle Thomas is the woman whose response to a Tinder date who claimed he would marry her "in a shot" if only she was thinner went viral.

The writer and café manager's open letter railing against body-shaming has been viewed by hundreds and thousands of people and made headlines around the world - including in the Mail Online.

In response, author Peter Lloyd penned a piece for the site claiming Ms Thomas was the real hypocrite and her anonymous date, who let's remember messaged a woman he spent one evening with to say her weight meant he would not be able to sustain an erection while having sex with her ("I don't want that to happen baby. I don't want to be lying there next to you, and you asking me why I'm not hard"), was merely guilty of having an honest opinion.

Even on a day-to-day basis I hear women say how they've dumped their latest man because he wasn’t tall, handsome or fit enough. The same women who, while asserting that a woman's size and shape doesn't matter, judge their boyfriends on the bulge in both their wallet and trousers. It's hypocritical. You know, like when we're told strip clubs are harmful and degrading - by women thumbing a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey while in the cinema queue for Magic Mike XXL.

  • Peter Lloyd, the author of Stand By Your Manhood

Ms Thomas wasn't afraid to take on a Tinder date, and she also isn't afraid to take on the Mail. Writing on her blog, she explains:

"The difference, Peter love. THE MASSIVE GLARING, DIFFERENCE. THE DIFFERENCE BIGGER THAN CHANNING TATUM'S GLORIOUSLY BITEABLE BICEPS – is that men who DON'T look like Channing Tatum have been and are fairly widely represented in the fields of politics, medicine, science, culture, sports, arts and literature. Men who don't look like Channing Tatum haven't had to endure watching teen movies about boys their age who don't look like Channing Tatum, taking off their glasses, getting a haircut, miraculously BECOMING Channing Tatum, then landing a rich girlfriend, rending any academic or social qualifications superfluous. Men who look like Channing Tatum are not the most widely-documented definition of male power and male success that young boys have as a role models. Men who don't look like Channing Tatum – as well as men who do in fact - aren't paid £100 per week less than women, irrespective of whether they look like Charlize Theron (God I love that woman)."

She told on the Mail article:

I think that article in particular was written to piggyback on the attention I've been getting, but the fact that was printed is legitimatising the thoughts and comments that I have had from a few, very persistent trolls.

He clearly wrote it without reading the blog. He's just seen a woman voicing her opinion about something which affects thousands of people worldwide and just gone 'nope, she's wrong because she's a woman and she's criticising the actions of man.' That demonstrates the very narrow-minded attitude and very blinkered attitude of a very few people. So yes, I'm going challenge that by writing a better article than him."

The best bit about this story? The attention her blog gained now means Ms Thomas is a bit "too busy" for romance and has deleted Tinder.

"I did delete Tinder," Ms Thomas told us. "I just don't have time to date."

Instead, Ms Thomas has started a #healthyhappyhot campaign against body-shaming in order to help other women. To find out more, head to Instagram or to

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