Man fake proposes to his wife all over Disney World - and she absolutely hates it

<p>Man pranks wife by pretending to propose to his partner in public</p>

Man pranks wife by pretending to propose to his partner in public


A TikTok is going viral of a man pranking his attention shy wife at Disney World, apparently the happiest place on Earth, by constantly getting on one knee.

User kelly_kirb posted a video of her partner pretending to propose to her, spoofing all those who make grand romantic gestures and winding her up in the process.

She’s prime for the picking because as she attests in the caption, “We were already engaged so he knew he could get away with this. We go back in June, wish me luck.”

It appears that every time she looks away, he is back on his knees, looking expectantly romantic and encouraging a crowd to watch his cliche Prince Charming gesture.

She begs him to get up each time, getting more and more exasperated at the running gag throughout.

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Judging by the variety of outfits featured, it seems they are big fans of the park, returning often, each time the old joke is brought back.

Twitter users got a hold of the video, which has amassed nearly a million views and over 8000 comments, and in true internet style, a debate broke out in the replies.

Some people thought it was a harmless joke and others thought it was disrespectful.

Others were more concerned with how many times they frequented the amusement park.

Some just liked to come up with funny reactions.

This comes after footage of a hugeBen10 fan getting his marriage offer rejected in his local mall, a classic of the genre.

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