<p>He checked the date on his phone... but his worst fears were confirmed</p>

He checked the date on his phone... but his worst fears were confirmed


A man was left fearing for his sanity after his fiancé tricked him into thinking it was Christmas Day on Easter Sunday.

TikTok user Mackenzie Lynn gave their entire house a festive makeover and recruited a friend as an accomplice in an elaborate bid to “trip” her boyfriend out.

Giving a quick video tour of their home, she showed stockings over the fireplace, presents under the tree and a wreath on the door.

Lynn was so thorough with the ruse, she even changed the date on his phone’s lock-screen to December 25.

Her victim can then be seen looking bedraggled and bewildered as he checks his phone... only to see the false date.

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“I’m getting worried about you,” she can be heard saying, as he stands looking shell-shocked.

Then their housemate enters the room carrying a couple of takeaway boxes.

“Merry Christmas, bro,” he says, slapping his baffled pal on the back.

Asked where he’s going, he replies: “I’m going to my mom’s so see you guy’s at around nine. Dinner’s on me.”

Their housemate was in on the ruse

The video has been viewed more than 11 million times and received more than 3.3 million times within a day of it being posted on TikTok.

In a caption to the clip, Lynn explained that her fiancé became so concerned by the confusion, he asked her to “take him to the hospital.”

Fellow users delighted in the prank, with one writing: “HE’S IN HIS OWN BLACK MIRROR EPISODE.”

Another noted: “His world literally stopped when he looked at his phone.”

While another said: “When he looked at the phone I saw the life his eyes.”

Others agreed they would be completely floored if they were to suffer a similar trick.

One wrote: “If someone did this to me I would check myself into a hospital within 30 minutes.”

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