TikTok user trolls Cara Delevingne by recreating her Met Gala look - and she loved it

TikTok user trolls Cara Delevingne by recreating her Met Gala look - and she loved it

Cara Delevingne turned heads at this year’s Met Gala when she showed up in a vest with the words “Peg the patriarchy” written across the front.

But now, the supermodel’s outfit has gone viral once more thanks to one TikToker who spotted Cara out in New York and decided to surprise her by quickly changing into his Halloween outfit which happened to be her Meta Gala look.

TikToker Benton McClintock (@bentonmcclintock) got one of his friends to film him as he sported a DIY version of the Met Gala outfit - with a torn-up white vest tied at the sides, and a red marker pen for the words “Peg the patriarchy.”


literally ran home to put this back on #caradelevingne #metgala #TheHarderTheyFall #nyc #newyork #insane #foryou #newyork

Sitting at a food table, the clip shows the moment Brenton spotted the supermodel and cheekily told her: “I think you copied my outfit at the Meta Gala.”

The camera quickly pans round to Cara who is sipping her drink which she proceeds to choke on in laughter when she spots Brenton in his get-up.

In the caption of the video, the TikToker detailed how he “literally ran home to put this back on.”

Since posting the hilarious interaction, Brenton’s video has received over 15m views, along with 3.6m likes and thousands of comments from people who were obsessed with how this came together.

One person wrote: “How did this just casually happen?!”

“You had one chance and delivered the line flawlessly,” another person said.

Someone else added: “It’s my favourite when we treat celebrities like everyday people.”

“The number of pieces that needed to align for this,” a fourth person replied.

In a follow-up video, Brenton responded to comments accusing him of setting the whole thing up.

“This was not staged like many of you think,” he said and explained that he was walking home from the gym when he spotted Cara in a restaurant.


Reply to @alex.sless that’s it!

Coincidentally, the TikToker had dressed up as her for three days straight during the Halloween weekend.

“So I ran home, I live two blocks from the restaurant,” Brenton continued and grabbed the outfit which he now jokes is an “archival piece of art in our home” and threw the outfit back on.

He then put threw a hoodie on and ran down to the bar with his roommates who were “hyping” him up, they got a drink and set outside on a table (where the video took place) and waited for the supermodel to appear.

As soon as he spotted Cara, he tore the hoodie off and sat waiting for her to notice him and she eventually did.

“My roommate was filming, my amazing videographer - thank you Trace - and he captured the moment, it was fully authentic,” he said.

“I do not chase, I attract - that’s the simulation baby,” the TikToker concluded.

In the comment section, Brenton added that he and Cara got a photo together and described her as “so sweet.”

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