Tim Robbins has brutal response to Trump supporter who claimed they 'hanged out'

Tim Robbins has brutal response to Trump supporter who claimed they 'hanged out'
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The Shawshank Redemption actor Tim Robbins had a brutally honest response to a conservative author who claimed on Twitter the two ‘hanged out.’

Nick Adams, an Australian-born American Trump supporter, has written numerous books, with his most recent titled The Most Dangerous President in History, written about Joe Biden.

Other books of Adams include Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilisation and Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness.

Adams tweeted a picture of him and Robbins on Friday with the caption ‘hanging out with Tim Robbins at JFK.’ Robbins responded to the tweet by quoting it, adding : ‘not ‘hanging out.’ Dude asked for a picture. I obliged. He left.’

Robbins’ response gained so much attention that Twitter added a community note to Adams’ original tweet that read: ‘According to Tim Robbins, they were not hanging out. When asked to take a photo, Robbins obliged.’

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Many Twitter users loved Robbins’ harsh honesty:

Adams didn’t seem to be too happy about Robbins’ clarification, and the piling laughter at his expense. He went on to call Robbins a ‘woke Hollywood liberal.’

Adams Twitter profile proudly displays his belief that he’s an ‘Alpha Male’. As well as his pinned tweet reading: ‘Yes, I am more successful and attractive than you. No, I will not be apologizing for it.’

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