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Online dating seems like a great way to meet new people in the hope of starting something fresh and exciting that might lead to something more meaningful.

That is until you realise that some people can be pretty cold and unsympathetic, leaving you heartbroken at the drop of a hat.

To try and combat this a 21-year-old student named Rizal Sadeli tried to lay out all of his best qualities on his Tinder with a detailed and sincere PowerPoint presentation, which is kinda genius when you think about it.

In it he lists his many hobbies which include table-tennis and karaoke and his impressive qualities such as a 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering with Mangement and a strong meme game.

And let's not forget about those references from his mom, friends and ex-girlfriend.

For one woman though this wasn't what she was looking for and rather than swipe left and never see him again, decided to take screenshots of the powerpoint in an attempt to shame him.

In a now-deleted Twitter post a woman named 'Ellie' asked: "Why do people do this s**t so f***in lame."

It's quite depressing to see something like this as all the poor chap was trying to do was find a little bit of love and stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

Somehow that tweet went viral and Rizal caught wind of and rather than ignore it and act embarrassed, he responded with a perfect comeback that went even more viral than the original tweet.

People were quick to come to his defence and told him to keep his chin up and not let negative comments like this get to him.

People also really liked the PowerPoint, so it's obvious that the girl doesn't know what she was talking about.

It also looks like he might have landed a few dates and admirers from this so it's a win-win situation for Rizal

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