Tom Cruise gets everyone he knows this $50 gift every Christmas

Tom Cruise gets everyone he knows this $50 gift every Christmas
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Every time Christmas rolls around, Tom Cruise reportedly gifts all his friends the same $50 cake gift.

However, one of his pals, James Corden, said the legendary actor hasn't tried the "unbelievable" tasting cake himself.

Speaking with hosts Jason King and Kelly Brook of Heart Breakfast, the Late Late talk show host spoke about receiving the cake.

When Brook asked what the White Chocolate Bundt Cake from Doan's Bakery in California tasted like, Corden replied: "It's unbelievable. I would say almost everybody he meets who works on The Late Late Show gets one of these cakes.

"It's like our head writers, Ian and Lauren, you know, different people that he's met; he's just so gracious and generous."

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After that, he said the Mission: Impossible actor never took a bite of the cake, which shocked King.

"No!" King said, but Corden doubled down on the comment and said: "On my life!"

Corden also said that he once gave Cruise his own review of the cake, telling him that it was "the most extraordinary" thing he's tasted in his life.

In a report from Daily Mail last year, Cruise allegedly arranged for 300 cakes to be sent from Los Angeles to the UK to gift his Mission: Impossible 7 team members.

Doan Bakery's bundt cake was introduced to the shop in 1984 by bakery founder Karen Doan, 79.

It contains white chocolate chunks, thick cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut flakes.

"The result is a delicious, pillowy cake good enough to derail the strictest Hollywood diets," read a description of the cake on Gold Belly.

Besides Corden, past sweet treat recipients included Kirsten Dunst, Rosie O'Donnell, Jimmy Fallon and Angela Bassett, to name some.

Despite sending the cake to his large circle of A-list pals, he told Corden last year that he does this because he can't eat sugar when training for his action films.

He also said that he "loves sugar."

"I'm doing all these movies — so I send it to everyone. I wait for the calls. Like, tell me about it."

It's unclear how many of the white chocolate bundt cakes Cruise gifts every year.

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