Tom Hanks says these are his favourite three films he’s ever made

Tom Hanks says these are his favourite three films he’s ever made

Tom Hanks has finally revealed his top picks for the best films he’s ever starred in.

The 65-year-old actor has played leading roles in blockbusters such as Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, and The Green Mile.

He ranked the movies based on his personal experiences both on and off set during an appearance on the Bill Simmons Podcast.

The first one he named was the baseball movie League of Their Own (1992). He said he enjoyed working on this film so much because he got to play baseball all summer while eating turkey dogs.

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He explained: “I had all my kids with me, I had all my family with me, it was a big a** summer in the midwest. We lived in a house in the middle of cornfields. We went to Burger King at night and Dairy Queen in the afternoon.

“It was a great summer and my entire family still speaks about it,” he said.

The second film he chose was desert island flick Cast Away (2000).

“We just had bold adventures when we were making that movie,” he said. “We were out in the middle of the ocean trying to grab shots. We were off in Fiji on two different occasions and I had the whole family with me. There was nothing but adventures every single day, every single night.”

He shared the tale of his breathtaking morning commutes to Monuriki to film the adventure flick.

Twenty years on the film remains a favourite amongst Hanks’s fans. In fact, just yesterday a fan of Cast Away shelled out £230,000 for the famous blood-stained ball named Wilson on eBay.

The last of his big three is Cloud Atlas (2012) as he said the sci-fi film was shot “on a hope and a dream and nothing but a circle of love.”

He said: “The work itself, we were part of this big, massive ensemble of fantastic people who were just trying to do the hardest, best work on this deep throw… that whole movie was such a deep throw that making it was magical and again, I had a lot of my family come over and we all saw Berlin and former east Germany.”

At the beginning of the podcast host Bill Simmons said it’s rare for two people to have the same top three Tom Hanks films. What are your top picks?

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