Tony Abbott praised by Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott praised by Tony Abbott

Beleaguered Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has finally received some much-needed praise, from, um, himself.

As he floundered in the opinion polls after arguably his worst week as PM, Abbott declared himself a "very good captain" of the government.

He had decided the best way to mark Australia Day, already overshadowed by an unrelated Taylor Swift scandal, was to award a knighthood to Prince Philip (really).

Attempting to get back on top by pushing his agenda of employment policies that help families, Abbott was side-tracked by questions of why his foreign minister Julie Bishop and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull are more popular than him in opinion polls on who should be prime minister.

He replied:

This is a very strong team. And one of the reasons why so many members of the team are able to perform so well is because they've got a very good captain.

It takes a good captain to help all the players of a team to excel.

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