Trump's reaction to a fly interrupting his speech was very different to Obama's response

Trump's reaction to a fly interrupting his speech was very different to Obama's response

There are no two ways about it, Donald Trump and Barack Obama are very, very, different people, and presidents.

Now, this has been hammered home in an unlikely fashion: in a comparison of the way that the two men dealt with a fly.

On Thursday, while Mr Trump was delivering a speech at the White House social media summit, a fly flew into the building and began buzzing in front of the Leader of the Free World.

His response? While lightly flapping his hands in front of the fly, he said:

Whoops! How did a fly get into the White House? 

I don't like it. I don't like flies! I don't like flies. 

This response is perfectly reasonable, however, it pales in comparison when placed next to the former president of the United States Barack Obama's response to being bothered by a fly during a CNBC interview conducted in 2009.

In the archive clip, which gained lots of traction at the time, the president was interrupted during a discussion on government intervention, prompting a virtuoso display of his fly-swatting technique.

In the clip, Obama can be heard saying:

Hey! Hey! Get out of here!

The journalist responds:

That's the most persistent fly I've ever seen.

Obama, repeatedly slapping his wrist, and maintaining steely concentration, then cooly, collectedly, and calmly swats it.

The interviewer then says:


Obama responds:

Now, where were we? That was pretty impressive wasn't it? 

I got the sucker! 

There are many other examples of the difference between the two men, but this has to be one of the best.

Obama, how we miss you!

Watch the entire Obama fly-swatting clip here:

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