Trump and Obama's 4th of July tweets couldn't have been more different

Trump and Obama's 4th of July tweets couldn't have been more different

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, the day that American's celebrate their Independence Day. It's one of the biggest holidays in the US calendar and the perfect reason to light up a BBQ and wave the Stars and Stripes.

You would think that for someone that bangs on about 'Making America Great Again' every hour of the day and regularly claims that he is the best person to ever hold office in The White House, that President Donald Trump would have managed to pull together one of the most patriotic and rousing fourth of July tweets ever.

Sadly that wasn't the case.

That's it. That's the tweet.

Nothing about the economy or building the wall or even a daft and overly patriotic video. No, just 'Happy 4th of July.'

In fact, that was the only time he mentioned the holiday at all on Twitter, preferring instead to hype his 'Salute to America' celebration.

He then later tweeted about an earthquake in California, the weather and a good old slice of not colluding with the Russians.

It feels almost churlish to compare Trump and Obama these days but their respective fourth of July tweets really couldn't have been any more different if they had tried.

In Obama's message, he highlighted that the holiday is a great chance to 'celebrate America' and wished his daughter Malia, a happy birthday.

We're not saying this is the most presidential thing that Obama has ever said but it is far better than the bare minimum that his successor produced.

Needless to say, people missed their former president.

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