Donald Trump said he doesn't kick babies out of his rallies just days after trying to kick a baby out of his rally

Earlier this week, Donald Trump told a mother who was comforting her crying baby at one of his rallies to leave.

When the baby was heard over Trump, he initially joked:

I love babies. I hear that baby cry, I like it. What a baby. What a beautiful baby. Don't worry, don't worry. The mom's running around, like, don't worry about it, you know. It's young and beautiful and healthy and that's what we want.

When the baby was heard crying again later in his speech, he said:

Actually I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking. That's OK. People don't understand. That's OK.

Here were his words. On video:

The incident was widely covered in the media as a PR gaffe, of which he has committed many recently.

The baby was reported as having been permitted to stay at the rally by NBC, despite Trump's instructions otherwise.

But by Friday, the story had changed. The Republican nominee for president denied ever instructing the baby to leave, describing reports that he told the mother to get the baby out of the event as "a lie".

I don’t throw babies out. Believe me. I love babies. I love my children, I love babies. I don’t throw babies out, believe me.

Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine perhaps put it best when he commented at a rally:

Sometimes you wonder who the baby is.

Picture: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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