Donald Trump's spokesperson once asked why there were no 'pure breed' presidential candidates

This is Katrina Pierson... you may remember her from that time she wore a necklace made from ammunition, or when she argued in favour of Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the US with the line "So what, they’re Muslim."

The Donald Trump spokesperson's Twitter feed came under scrutiny this week when this musing from 2012 was brought firmly back into the spotlight by US political reporters.

Aside from the quite frankly abhorrent "pure breeds" comment, thaat's not the only fatal flaw in Pierson's tweet.

So, let's get things straight.

This woman is Donald Trump's official spokesperson.

She seems to believe that having parents who were born outside of the United States is problematic. Un-American, perhaps.

Fortunately her views and her political associations aren't conflicting in any way shape or form.

Oh. Wait.

Donald Trump's mother is Scottish.

She was born in Scotland.

Pierson responded to people pointing this inconvenient truth out with the following...

... at the time of writing the 2012 tweet is still very much live on Pierson's Twitter feed.

Which gave J.K. Rowling the opportunity to quip:

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