Twitter is enjoying mocking the ludicrous gendering of these earplugs

Even though it's 2016, it seems those out-dated gender stereotypes just won't quit: boys play with fire trucks and like the colour blue and girls play with Barbies and wear pink.

At least, that's the rule of law according to these earplugs, both manufactured by the same company:

The pink "Silky Soft" earplugs are labelled 'women's earlplugs' on the back of the packaging and are pink and 'pretty' in a crass attempt to attract female buyers, whereas the "Hearos Xtreme Protection" blue ones are marketed by playing on male gender stereotypes.

And if that hasn't awoken the feminist in you, the women's ones are more expensive.

Twitter users tried really hard to understand the logic behind the gendering.

And the price difference.

Others pointed out that the price hike applies to other gendered toiletry products...

But ultimately one user pretty much cleared everything up:

That'll do it. Do you reckon either set will block out the noise of the patriarchy?

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