Women are sharing disturbing and creepy taxi stories to make an important point

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Taxi apps such as Uber and Lyft are a cheap and reliable service for finding your way around a city without relying on public transport.

That being said, there is always the concern - especially for women - that they're about to get into a car with a virtual stranger and there is no telling how they are going to act.

Recently, there was the story of a lesbian couple who were forced out of an Uber by the driver who didn't like them sharing a quick kiss on the back seat.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of stories of male drivers acting like creeps towards female customers, saying either inappropriate things or trying to make a move on them.

A Reddit thread started by user pennyandthejets described how badly a driver reacted after she refused to give him her number, which resulted in him reporting her for inappropriate behaviour.

She wrote:

This prompted other users on Reddit to share their alleged experiences of creepy Uber drivers and drivers from other services and they are disturbing, to say the least.

Speaking to Indy100 an Uber spokesperson said:

Everyone has a right to be safe, whether they’re on a train, in a cab, walking on a sidewalk or in an Uber.

We would encourage people to report any inappropriate behaviour to our support team so we can investigate.

If we receive a report that a driver or rider has acted dangerously or inappropriately, we remove their access to the app, preventing the individual from using it while we investigate.

Uber has clear Community Guidelines which outline ways that riders and drivers can lose their access to the app including inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour.

Uber also encourage everyone, passengers and drivers alike to provide feedback about their journeys which are reviewed by a safety team should any issues be reported.

Should a passenger feel they are in a serious situation they can also contact the police. Uber also provide customers with additional safety information which provide tips on how to stay safe when using their service.

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