Weddings can so often be fraught with tension for families, and it turns out that you're not even exempt if you're a kid.

Taking to the subreddit Am I the A**hole, one bride asked whether she was wrong for "firing" her eight-year-old flower girl.

She explains that after she chose one of her nieces to be her flower girl, she bullied the other one, saying that "she'd never get married because she's too ugly".

Believing this behaviour to be "nasty", the bride took her job away and gave it to the other one.

Mentioning that she's had backlash from her family over it, she said:

As someone who was bullied myself growing up, it felt like the right thing to do after Amber's behaviour towards Katie.

I can't imagine how upsetting those comments would be, and at that point, Katie, who had never been anything other than well behaved deserved it more than Amber.

There was pretty much a consensus on the issue – "what on earth made you just pick *one* flower girl when there were two little girls? And picking the "prettier" one? Hearing she was bullying the other one and doing nothing? Then punishing her on the day of.... ??? You owe everyone there an apology. YTA!" said one user.

Another added:

Yes that little girl was bullying and it was wrong that she said such mean things. You handled it in the worst way, you should’ve gotten her father involved.

Many believed that OP should have just had two flower girls rather than choosing between them in the first place.

One said:

I know... like what. I have a twin sister and we were in a few weddings when we were little and each time they asked BOTH of us to be the flower girls.

I can’t imagine what they would have been like if they only picked one.

Another agreed that OP was in the wrong:

YTA for choosing your flower girl based on who was cuter. Who the hell are you to be judging an 8-year-old kid on how cute she is? Sounds like bullying runs in the family.

HT: Reddit

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