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An anonymous wedding guest has taken to Facebook to ridicule the food served at a reception they attended at a four-star hotel in Leeds.

The "luxury" dining on offer began with a plate of Yorkshire puddings with two limp sprigs of parsley and no gravy.

Clearly too amused to tuck in, the guest posted a snapshot with a caption to explain:

This is the starter. I'm crying!

I don't know if the chef of this 4 star 'luxury' hotel was sick that day, or on holiday - but something must have been going on.

I really appreciate the little herb on the side of the frozen Yorkshire puddings, really pushing it out there.

Next up, a half-arsed looking pizza with a mound of canned tuna dumped on it, some bloated-looking school cafeteria chips and even a cup of beans - Alan Partridge's favourite petrol station attendant Michael would have been delighted. Partridge himself would have found bringing his trademark "big plate" along a wasted effort.

That last appeared to be the children's main, judging by a colouring book and scrunched up packet of Haribo placed nearby.

For the grown-ups, a serving of chicken breast with minimal roast veg, two potatoes, a block of stuffing, a sausage bound with bacon and an unidentified item that appears to be a slice of courgette hollowed out then threaded through with a small thicket of green beans.

Absolutely bizarre.

Commentators enjoying this lavish spread on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming were clearly loving it.

The Yorkshire pudding starter and dry tuna thrown on the burnt pizza is just amazing. The disc of stuffing!

Some were incandescent at the thought of it happening to them:

I would be 100 percent in the kitchen, throwing abuse at the entire kitchen staff if that was what was served at my wedding.

Perhaps the most quietly devastating comment of all was this:

I thought this was hospital food.

We hope the bride and groom enjoyed their special day - even if nobody else did.

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