What inspires Green Party leader Natalie Bennett?

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is taking part in Sky News and Facebook's Ask the Leaders initiative, where young people put questions directly to party leaders (well, of the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Labour anyway).

During the Q&A, Ms Bennett was asked what inspired her as a person. She replied:

I became a feminist at age 5. I didn't actually know the word then but at age 5 I was told because you're a girl you're not allowed to have a bicycle, and at that point I thought, that's not fair or reasonable, why should because I'm a girl stop me doing that.

And that sense of fairness and the sense that so many people are stopped from realising their potential, doing what they want to do because of unfair rules, society putting restrictions on them, that to me is what kind of drives me in the sense I want everyone to have a chance of a decent quality of life.

A recent poll indicated that the Green Party was tied on support (22 per cent) with the Conservative Party among 18-24-year-olds.

Source: Sky News and Stand Up Be Counted

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