The Green Party says it wants to put the Queen in a council house

The Green Party says it wants to put the Queen in a council house

Natalie Bennett has said that if the Green Party wins the general election it will abolish the monarchy and put the Queen in a council house.

In a week in which the party's opinion ratings rose while that of the two main parties continued to underwhelm, the Greens have made another attempt to push their anti-Establishment image, in an almost certainly tongue-in-cheek way.

I can’t see that the Queen is ever going to be really poor, but I’m sure we can find a council house for her — we’re going to build lots more.

  • Natalie Bennett

In an interview with the Times (£), Bennett outlined a number of the party's policies, including an increased inheritance tax, increased taxes on meat and widespread education reforms.

We have been driven by this neoliberal Thatcherite idea that what motivates people is money. We want to focus on the fact that people don’t just want to work to earn more and more, they want to do other things that often aren’t recognised and valued.

We need to restructure society with the rich paying their way and multinationals paying taxes.

  • Natalie Bennett

Membership of the party is expected to hit 50,000 any day now and broadcasters announced a revised schedule for the television debates which would include the Greens, as well as the SNP and Plaid Cyrmu.

Thankfully for the Queen, the party is still only boasting a rating of around 11 per cent - nowhere near enough to secure an outright majority in government. She should be safe for a few years yet.

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