When a troll tried to body shame her, this blogger had the tastiest response

When a troll tried to body shame her, this blogger had the tastiest response

What better, tastier, way could there be to fight hate than with cake?

The Guardian reports that sewing blogger Jenny Rushmore, who goes by the name of Cashmerette, often shares her clothing projects and design ideas with her Twitter and Instagram followers. When summer arrived a few weeks ago, she also uploaded a sketch of a swimsuit she was planning to make, complete with the anti body-shaming hashtag #beachbodyready:

Unfortunately, a troll decided to crawl out from under his digital rock anyway to leave a comment telling Jenny that her body disgusted him and she should eat less cake.

Writing on her blog, Jenny said she wasn't surprised by the comment because it happens all the time to plus size women. But luckily, the joke is on the troll:

It sort of amused me, if for nothing other than the fact that I really, really love cake, and I really, really feel great in my swimsuits, so he was missing the mark in a few places.

With most trolls the best thing to do generally is ignore them. But Jenny realised there was an even tastier way to do it, and that was to live her best life by eating all the cake she wants:

To the random jerk who fat-shamed me this morning in a comment and suggested I eat less cake: as you can see form this pic my life is just a sad mess, so I’m glad you’ve helped steer my dietary choices, cheers! #effyourbeautystandards #CakeWithCashmerette

To Jenny's delight hundreds of women and the occasional man followed suit, uploading pictures of themselves enjoying cake, brownies, biscuits, chocolate and ice cream to prove the point that women's diets are their own business:

On her blog, Jenny wrote:

Food isn’t moral, and neither is fat... My health is mine. It doesn’t affect anyone else. I’m not obliged to disclose my medical records to any random person who expressed fake concern about my health based on my appearance. And nor do I exist to be sexually appealing to you.

Jenny went on to thank her troll for giving her such a "delicious day":

Maybe next time instead of taking a gym selfie you could enjoy some lovely cake. I suspect you’d be a bit happier, and a bit less hateful.

Cake wins.

Massive HT: The Guardian

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