When Ed Miliband met Danny Dyer

This is Danny Dyer, the EastEnders actor who recently hit the headlines when he was forced to apologise for licking national treasure [Mary Berry's ear at the TV Choice Awards.]1

This is Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party, noted Gareth-botherer and potentially our future prime minister.

This is a typical tweet from Danny Dyer:

While this is a typical tweet from Ed Miliband:

According to The Sun (£), Miliband bumped into Dyer on Monday night at magazine Attitude's awards ceremony. An onlooker told the paper Milband had "made a big point of saying he knew a lot about the show. Then he started saying how the character of Martin Fowler has had three different actors playing him and how Ben Mitchell's character has had five".

Naturally, Dyer asked him if he was a big fan and regular watcher - but Ed shook his head and clarified: "I don't have time but I've been doing a lot of research about it online."

A Labour source added:

It might have felt a bit awkward but Ed was just making a genuine effort to brush up on his TV knowledge.

Never forget.

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