Whoopi Goldberg apologises as she receives criticism for saying Holocaust ‘isn’t about race’

Whoopi Goldberg apologises as she receives criticism for saying Holocaust ‘isn’t about race’
Holocaust ‘isn’t about race’: Whoopi Goldberg
The View

Sister Act star Whoopi Goldberg has sparked a backlash online, after she claimed the Holocaust “isn’t about race” during an episode of the US talk show, The View.

Ms Goldberg made the remarks on Monday’s episode, when the panel were discussing the decision by a school board in Tennessee to ban Maus, a graphic novel about the state-sponsored murder which saw around 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.

“Let’s be truthful about it, because the Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race … because it’s about man’s inhumanity to man,” the comedian said.

Her comments were quickly challenged by her co-hosts, with Joy Behar pointing out that Jews were considered “a different race” by the Nazis.

Ana Navarro said it was about “white supremacy”, while Sara Haines said the Nazis “didn’t see [Jews] as white”.

“But these are two white groups of people … you’re missing the point. The minute you turn it into race, it goes down this alley. Let’s talk about it for what it is.

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“It’s how people treat each other. That’s the problem,” continued Ms Goldberg.

The "dangerous" comments were quickly condemned by users on Twitter:

Ms Goldberg later released a statement responding to the outcry, writing that she “should have said it was about both [race and man’s inhumanity to man]”.

Referencing comments made by Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League – a Jewish anti-hate organisation based in the US – the comedian continued to say she “stand[s] corrected”.

“The Jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver. I’m sorry for the hurt I caused,” she said, adding that the statement was written with her “sincerest apologies”.

As part of their pursuit of a “pure Aryan race”, the Nazis targeted anyone they considered a threat to that ideal - the Holocaust Memorial Trust write on their website.

“Nazi beliefs categorised people by race, and Hitler used the word ‘Aryan’ for his idea of a ‘pure German race’,” it said.

As well as massacring Jews, the Nazis also murdered Black people, gay people, the Roma and Sinti people and disabled people.

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