<p>The invite to Eric Sauser’s funeral said “the family requests rocking out to Ozzy Osbourne and raising a cold beer”</p>

The invite to Eric Sauser’s funeral said “the family requests rocking out to Ozzy Osbourne and raising a cold beer”

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To most people, there is little funny about losing a loved one, but one woman is trying to find the humour in it while writing her husband’s obituary.

Crystal Sauser penned a send-off to her husband Eric, who died nearly three years after being diagnosed with cancer that was littered with her own personal brand of comedy.

“We are not positive, but we think the cause of death was either leukaemia or more likely being ‘dead sexy’” Crystal wrote, labelling herself as a “smoking hot wife” in the unconventional newspaper death announcement to her “rocking dude”, who died on 26 February.

The obituary also listed Eric’s favourite things, which were ranked as following, “his smoking hot wife, his brilliant kids and family, his many friends, the Boston Red Sox” among a very long list.

Crystal seemed to take comfort in that “his departure was just in time for him to make his spiritual appearance at every Red Sox spring game.”

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She also took the chance to point out his dislikes, from vegetables like beets and “turning off the garage light”

Along with his wife, the “superdad” is survived by three children - Amelia, Violet and Benjamin - his parents - Ronnie and Paula - and his sister Jessica, according to the obituary.

“Eric, we’ve always loved you and miss you already” she included in the message, along with details for his memorial service.

“Admission is free to all who attend this once-in-a-lifetime show for the greatest man on earth.” the invite read. “Following the Service, the family requests jamming out to Ozzy Osbourne and raising a cold beer (preferably Busch Light) in celebration of Eric’s life”

While some people might find the tone crass, Crystal said she wanted to honour what Eric was like “so people knew he wasn’t some sick dude.

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