Will Smith recreates bizarre AI spaghetti video

Will Smith recreates bizarre AI spaghetti video
Will Smith urges fans to 'trust him' in bizarre Christmas video
Will Smith, Insta360

We don't know quite how it happened, but a video of Will Smith eating spaghetti has become a barometer for the quality of videos created using artificial intelligence.

One of the most bizarre moments from last year saw an AI-generated clip created by a Reddit user named "chaindrop" being widely shared online, showing an uncanny version of Smith gorging himself on oddly rendered spaghetti.

Just 12 months later, OpenAI's new Sora tool has created ultra-realistic artificial intelligence-generated videos, showing the huge advancements in the technology.

Smith is clearly aware of his inadvertent involvement at the dawn of this new tech, and he referenced it with a new video posted on Instagram.

The post shows the 2023 AI clip alongside actual footage of Smith chowing down on spaghetti, with 'Snap Yo Fingers' by Lil Jon soundtracking the video.

Smith added the caption: “This is getting out of hand.”

Artificial intelligence continues to confuse and amaze in equal measure, and we continue to see just how the implications of rapid developments in AI continue to be seen in new and unexpected ways.

From a bizarre inclusion in a scientific study to sharing its impression of what the Victorian serial killer known as Jack the Ripper may have looked like, AI continues to surprise us.

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