This woman found out her boyfriend had a bionic penis nine months into their relationship

ITV This Morning / Youtube

Nearly a year into his relationship, 39-year-old Andrew Wardle’s girlfriend found out that he was born without a penis.

Fedra Fabian had been dating Wardle for nine months when she made the discovery - by reading a news report about him.

Talking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in This Morning, Andrew said:

I knew it was going to come out, and when she was reading the newspaper the next day, I sort of said, ‘Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers!’

Picture: ITV This Morning / YouTube

Wardle was born with a rare birth defect, the result of an ectopic bladder, meaning that the organ formed outside, rather than inside his body.

Fabian said that after reading the newspaper article about her boyfriend, she had many questions.

It was a weird night. I didn’t really know how to react to it.

Wardle does have testicles, but the condition means he has had to undergo countless surgical procedures.

Eventually, he allowed doctors to take skin from his arm, to create a penis – much like the Mohammed Abad, who became famous last year for his bionic organ.

It appeared the relationship was on rocky ground after Fabian found out, but in the end, the couple was able to get past the obstacle.

Wardle concluded that the most difficult part of the initial procedure will be the “two week erection when it’s turned on”.

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