This woman had sex every day for a month, this is what she learned

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Need a way to spice up your life?

You might think that you could do worse than dedicating a month to having sex every day.

But, as sex and relationships writer Paisley Gilmour explained in an article for Cosmopolitan , the task is much trickier than it sounds.

When Gilmour's colleague recommended she tried the 30 Day Sex Challenge on Reddit (where else?), her gut reaction - as many will sympathise with - was "I can't be arsed".

Yet soon enough, with her editor's encouragement, Gilmour found herself approaching her boyfriend for his consent (apparently, he said "fine, then") and attempting to have sex, which she doesn't consider just to be penetration, every day for a month.

The challenge comes with more intricate rules too, such as set activities every day - for example, shower sex, a full body massage, a 'quickie'... You get the picture.

Well, she failed. Miserably.

Day two, she fell asleep on the sofa before she got to having sex. Day, six, she got drunk with a friend and arrived home knackered. On day seven, her boyfriend was away - oh and on day eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen too. At this point, almost half the month had gone already.

In total, Gilmour managed to have sex for 14 days of the 30-day challenge, and concluded "this challenge is absolute rubbish".

She failed, but she was absolutely okay with it, because she did what felt good at the time and that is the most important thing of all. She wrote:

I don't understand how it could make you feel anything other than like a failure, because unless you happen to have a perfect 30 days where you don't bleed, feel stressed/anxious/low, go on holidays, hang out with ANY friends, or go to work, it's impossible to pass.

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